Counselling Therapy

What is it? Can it work for me?

Engaging with counselling, is a gift to yourself – it is time and attention for you.

Counselling therapy can be a transformational gift ~ for our selves. So many of us are concerned about how it is for others that we often overlook or ignore what we are feeling or need in our lives. But counselling therapy is a rare opportunity to give time and attention to yourself.

Coming to see a trained therapist is very different to chatting to a friend or taking advice from family members. Together we explore what is happening for you, and you are free ~ to be truly open and honest about how you really feel and what is happening for you. This is what can bring real change into your life.

When any one of us, takes the time to encounter more of who we are and what we really want for our lives, we find we can become more of our true selves.

I know from personal experience that taking that first step can be daunting. But there is nothing as restorative and affirming as being supported by someone who offers you and your life concerns complete attention and respect.

There are few places left in our contemporary lives where we can go and be given the time and attention to explore our true selves and what we need. We often feel fine looking after our physical selves, for example, going to the gym but we forget to look out for our emotional well-being. So many of us deny our emotional or mental health needs.

Counselling therapy is an important way of taking care of ourselves.

For some, therapy is about searching to find their real selves, for others coming to counselling is a chance to look at how it is that they feel stuck with the same old patterns of feelings or responses, sometimes it is about a crisis, a bereavement, or a catastrophic event – present or past – means that they are looking for help in healing deep wounds.

For some people, a few sessions helps them get back on track ~ for others the pain is greater, the wounds deep and more time is needed. Everyone is different.

My training is person-centred or humanistic and incorporate other approaches into my work. Above all I work with you to listen to your realities, your experiences and finding . It means that our time together is not be about offering a pre-determined fix but finding the unique way forward for you. As I walk alongside you, accompanying you, we will find fresh insights and make new connections.

Although many of us aim to cope with difficult experiences and emotions such as stress, anger, depression, bereavement, isolation, low self-esteem, ~ by ourselves ~ it is in the process of being accompanied whilst your realities are taken seriously, that the possibilities for deep change and growth emerge.

This is what facilitates your personal power, builds self-esteem and supports your own confidence in finding new ways of being you.