Is now the time to find some support?

Getting support for how you feel and what is happening for you is just as important as the essentials of food, water and shelter.

As human beings we all have a need for connection, love, and self-respect, which is just as fundamental to our well-being as ensuring our physical needs are met.

Some people think that we should just ignore our emotional and mental health.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that we should just tough it out and put what we feel to one side. But often this just sends difficult feelings and emotions underground where it can seem as if they are sorted, but actually they still impact. We sense their presence – because although life may appear fine from the outside, in other important ways, deep down – it isn’t.

Maybe now is the right time for you to be heard and supported? In a safe environment, you are free to be deeply honest about how you feel and what is or has happened to you.

I am a trained therapist and will support you as you explore what you feel and what you need.  I know how difficult it can be to share personal and painful experiences. This could be your first steps into counselling therapy, which can feel scary, but I’ll be with you and we will go at your pace – slowly and carefully.