Promising yourself a better year in 2019?

January can be the time to reboot ourselves, taking a look at what we need – be it refreshed or different relationships, a new job, coming to terms with the past, or change in the way we live our life. The new year becomes an ideal time to consider what we want to be different in our lives and for ourselves.

We can ask ourselves how and what we would like, so that our future becomes the authentic expression of our dreams and capabilities. But doing this alone can be tough.

It can really help to go somewhere where you can explore what you want or need without fear of what others in your life might say or think. Also, it can be hard to keep the motivation to get to the point of making the changes we want. I can help you find your way through.

I offer counselling therapy – face2face and by telephone – which is a safe space for you to explore what you’d like to be different in your life, without judgement or expectation.