Student Counselling

Are you a student? Is you or one of your family finding the pressure of exams, projects and revision overwhelming? Is it so overwhelming that you (or they) can’t face the next piece of work or deadline?

Being a student is tough. It is a time of new experiences, new ways of working, and making new friends. It is a time when many of us expect to be having loads of fun and life being great.

But for many the truth of being a student is that it’s really difficult.  There is the requirement to study and learn with pressure to achieve results.  Often, we feel alone with loads of new things that we’re not sure how to tackle. We want to do well and get high marks but sometimes we can’t even start because we’re so worried it will all go wrong.

Relationships and making friends is sometimes daunting: you can feel trapped by how hard it is so end up staying in your room.

I can help. I am a trained professional counsellor with particular experience in working with students and young adults.  I offer telephone counselling and face2face counselling where we can work out what is happening and find ways to help you manage being a student.